Physics 151: PreClass Lectures

Directions: Click on the link labeled "Access Lecture #" and a dialog box requesting the password will appear. After entering the case-sensitive password and clicking OK, another dialog box will appear asking whether you want to open the powerpoint in your browser or save it to your hard drive. It is probably better in general to save the file and then view it with Powerpoint, but you may not have that option in a public computer lab. You should only be trying to do this on a computer with a fast internet connection -- DSL at the least. If you do not have access to powerpoint, you may download the powerpoint viewer here.

DateTitleLectureSupporting Info Animations/AppletsFurther Exploration
Dec 8

Electric Circuits

Access Lecture 38


Lecture 38 - Notes

Dec 6

Ohm's Law

Access Lecture 37


Lecture 37 - Notes


Circuit Construction Kit

Dec 4


Access Lecture 36


Lecture 36 - Notes


Charge in the News

Dec 1

Phase Changes

Access Lecture 35


Lecture 35 - Notes

Calorimetry 2 Worksheet

Calorimetry 2 Worksheet Key

Nov 29

Strength of Materials

Access Lecture 34


Lecture 34 - Notes

Strength Worksheet

Strength Worksheet Key

Nov 27

Ideal Gas Law

Access Lecture 33


Lecture 33 - Notes

IGL Worksheet

IGL Worksheet Key

Nov 20

Calorimetry & Thermal Transport

Access Lecture 32


Lecture 32 - Notes

Calorimetry Worksheet

Calorimetry Worksheet KEY


Insulation Fact Sheet

Nov 17


Access Lecture 31


Lecture 31 - Notes

Temperature Worksheet

Temperature Worksheet Key

Nov 15

Review Day

No New Lecture

Exam 3 Review

Exam 3 Review Key

Nov 13

Fluid Flow

Access Lecture 30


Lecture 30 - Notes

No PreFlight for this Lecture!

Fluids Worksheet 2

Fluids Worksheet 2 KEY

Nov 10


Access Lecture 29


Lecture 29 - Notes

Buoyancy Worksheet

Buoyancy Worksheet Key

Bouyancy Applet

Nov 8


Access Lecture 28


Lecture 28 - Notes

Fluids Worksheet

Fluids Worksheet Key

Hydrostatic Pressure Applet

Nov 6

Standing Waves

Access Lecture 27


Lecture 27 - Notes

Standing Waves Worksheet

Standing Waves Worksheet Key

Standing Wave Creation Applet

Standing Waves in Pipes

Nov 3


Access Lecture 26


Lecture 26 - Notes

Sound Worksheet

Sound Worksheet Key

Nov 1

Properties of Waves

Access Lecture 25


Lecture 25 - Notes

Waves Worksheet

Waves Worksheet - KEY

Oct 30

Simple Harmonic Motion II

Access Lecture 24


Lecture 24 - Notes

SHM Worksheet II

SHM Worksheet II - KEY

Pendulum Applet

Oct 27

Simple Harmonic Motion

Access Lecture 23


Lecture 23 - Notes

SHM Worksheet

SHM Worksheet - KEY

Circular Motion in 1D is SHM (Flash Animation)

Vertical Spring/Torsional Oscillator (Flash Animations)

SMH & UCM (Java Applet)

Spring Applet

Oct 25

Torque III

Access Lecture 22


Lecture 22 - Notes

Torque III Worksheet

Torque III Worksheet - KEY

Oct 23

Torque II

Access Lecture 21


Lecture 21 - Notes

Torque II Worksheet

Torque II Worksheet Key

Oct 20


Access Lecture 20


Lecture 20 - Notes

Torque Worksheet

Torque Worksheet Key

Lever Arm Applet

Oct 18

Review Day


Exam2 Review Worksheet

Exam2 Review KEY

Oct 13

Momentum 2-D

Access Lecture 19


Lecture 19 - Notes

Momentum 2D

Momentum 2D-KEY

Oct 11


Access Lecture 18


Lecture 18 - Notes

Momentum Worksheet

Momentum KEY

Collision Applet

Oct 9

Energy & Friction

Access Lecture 17


Lecture 17 - Notes

NonConservative Forces

NonConservative Forces - KEY

Oct 6

Conservation of Energy

Access Lecture 16


Lecture 16 - Notes

Energy Worksheet

Energy Worksheet KEY

Oct 4

Work & Kinetic Energy

Access Lecture 15


Lecture 15 - Notes

Centripetal Acceleration 2

Centripetal Accleration 2 - KEY

Oct 2

Centripetal Force

Access Lecture 14


Lecture 14 - Notes

Centripetal Force Worksheet

Centripetal Force Key

Carousel Applet

Sep 29

Review Day

No PreClass Lecture

Connected Objects Worksheet

Connected Objects Key

Sep 27

Springs & Strings

Access Lecture 13


Lecture 13 - Notes

Pulleys-Traction Worksheet


Pulley Applet

Statics Applet

Sep 25


Access Lecture 12


Lecture 12 - Notes

Friction Worksheet

Friction Key

Inclined Plane Applet

Sep 22

Review Day

No PreClass Lecture

MultiStep Problems

MultiStep KEY

Sep 20

Applications of Newton's Second Law

Access Lecture 11


Lecture 11 - Notes

Dynamics/Kinematics Worksheet

Worksheet Key

Net Force Worksheet

Net Force Key

Newton's 2nd Law Applet

Sep 18

Newton's Laws

Access Lecture 10


Lecture 10 - Notes

FBD Worksheet

FBD Worksheet Key

Sep 15

Projectile Motion

Access Lecture 09


Lecture 09 - Notes

Projectile Worksheet

Projectile Key

Projectile Motion Applet

Sep 13

2-D Kinematics

Access Lecture 08


Lecture 08 - Notes

2-D Kinematics Worksheet

Worksheet KEY

Sep 11

Velocity Addition

Access Lecture 07


Lecture 07 - Notes

Velocity Addition Worksheet

Worksheet Key

Sep 8


Access Lecture 06


Lecture 06 - Notes

Vectors Worksheet

Vectors Worksheet Key

Resultant Vector Applet

Sep 6


Access Lecture 05


Lecture 05 - Notes

Reaction Time Worksheet

Reaction Time Key

Sep 1

Review Day

No New Lecture

Kinematics Problem Solving

Kinematics Problem Solving Key

Aug 30

1-D Kinematics #2

Access Lecture 04


Lecture 04 - Notes

Kinematics Worksheet 2

Kinematic Worksheet 2 - KEY

Constant Acceleration Applet

Aug 28

1-D Kinematics #1

Access Lecture 03


Lecture 03 - Notes

Kinematics Graphs Worksheet

Worksheet Key

The Moving Man (java)

Aug 25

Mathematical Tools #2

Access Lecture 02


Lecture 02 - Notes


Practice in Estimation (Flash)

Aug 23

Mathematical Tools #1

Access Lecture 01


Lecture 01 - Notes

Unit Conversion Worksheet

Worksheet Key


Web-based Powers of Ten

Aug 21



Length Unit Activity