Polarized Electron Physics        
Recent Projects

These are a few links to recent and ongoing projects within the group. To view Acrobat [PDF] files, use Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. To view PowerPoint [PPT] files, use PP Viewer (2007) for Windows or SkyDrive for Mac.

Optical Pumping of Mixtures of Rb Vapor and N2 Buffer Gas

Measurement and Reduction of Instrumental Asymmetries in an Electron Circular Dichroism Apparatus [PDF]

N2 fluorescence in photoionization of N2 by 16.3-150 eV Photons [PDF]

First Observation of Angular Momentum Orientation Transfer in Photodissociation of H2 [PDF]

Spin Polarized Electrons and Molecular N2 Fluorescence
DAMOP Poster

Optical Excitation Functions [PDF] DAMOP Talk [PDF]

Systematic Studies of Rubidium Optical Pumping
Poster [PDF]

Compact Mott Polarimeter characterization project

A New Pedagogical Approach to Multipoles

Novel Polarized Electron Sources [PPT]

Chiral Molecule Experiment

Feedback for Chiral Molecules [PDF] DAMOP Talk [PDF]

Polarized Electron Impact of Heavy Nobel Gases

Stern-Gerlach Effect for Electron Beams [PDF]