Polarized Electron Physics        
Group Inmates

The people who make things work:

This is what Dr. Gay looks like if you don't take the picture right away.

I am Dr. Timothy Gay, Professor of Physics, and the Ultimate Master of Your Fate. You can call me Tim.
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The people who break things:

Grad students

The people who fix everything else:


Nate Clayburn  

Alex Hotchkiss

Nate hails from the far off land of south Lincoln. A graduate of the distant Nebraska Wesleyan University, he has made the great trek across town to attend graduate school at UNL. Nate dabbles in vortex light but his current focus involves the measurement of secondary electrons. His ultimate goal is developing a turnkey source of polarized electrons.

Alex is a Physics major who has journeyed over from Wesleyan with her professor Dean to provide their valuable insight into Gay operations. Welcome!

Evan Brunkow   Jonah Knepper

Evan is a graduate student in physics and a new addition to the Gay Group. Welcome! He gets to shoot really powerful lasers at crystals and hope to get spin polarized electrons as a result. If it works, he'll have found the simplest source of polarized electrons and all the world will marvel at his genius. . . muah ha ha!
Jonah is a senior mechanical engineering major and a new addition to the Gay Group. Welcome!

Gabriel Richards


Gabe is a senior double major in physics and mathematics and a new addition to the group. He does stuff. Cool stuff. Don't worry about it. Welcome!

    Samantha Burtwistle
Samantha is a junior Physics major with minors in English and Women's & Gender Studies. She graduated from high school in Chambers, a tiny town in northeast Nebraska, and is currently working with polarization optics that will be used to reduce instrumental asymmetries in our chiral molecule experiment.

Jahan Claes


Jahan is a physics/math major at the University of Chicago. In the Gay group, he stays in his office and works on creating semi-classical models of Mott scattering. This is probably for the best, since if he were let into a lab he would probably break something.


Marina Bradaric


Marina is undercover as the Webmistress but is actually a spy sent here to be enveloped in valuable insight from the grad students and Dr. Gay's wisdom. She also does 2D & 3D computer graphics for the group.

Our Spiritual Advisor and Sir Neville Mott, who laid the groundwork for our research.