Every Husker home game, Dr. Tim Gay attempts something as crazy as running against the NU defense: bringing physics to everyday life. In one-minute segments shown on the screens around the stadium, he talks about basic physics concepts that play an important role in the game of football.
To see these clips, you'll need Apple Quicktime.
Note: lessons may take a few minutes to download over a modem. Select "(Small)" for a scaled-down version. Also note that the video controls (play, stop, etc.) might not be visible unless you zoom in or out of the page (Ctrl+Plus or Ctrl+Minus)
A special thank you to the people at HuskerVision: Tonya McMillion and Kay Dowd who produced these segments, and Jeff Schmahl who had the original idea and who is responsible for two-thirds of the bad jokes.
Lesson: Inertia Size:2.6 MB
Special Guests: Dave Volk, Jammal Lord, and a physics class
Lesson: Vectors Size:2.7 MB
Special Guest: Eric Crouch
Lesson: Newton's Third Law Size:2.7 MB
Special Guests: Toniu Fonoti and Cory Ross
Lesson: Impulse Size:2.8 MB
Featuring the melon/helmet experiment
Lesson: Atoms and Photons Size:2.3 MB
Special Guests: DeAntae Grixby, Kellie Bowman, and Bert
Lesson: Quickness, Speed, Power and Strength Size:Multiple
Special Location: Husker Power weight training center
Lesson: Quickness and Ankle Injuries Size:Multiple
Special Guest: Eric Crouch
Newton's Laws   Projectile Motion   Dynamics   More

1) Hammer Time
   1st Law
1) Good Will Punting
6) Momentum of Truth   (Small)
   Momentum I
1) Field of Science
2) Ruud Awakening (Small)
   2nd Law I
2) Lineman's Lousy Loft
   II Symmetry & Air Drag
2) Collision Course
   Momentum II Collision
2) Pressure Point
3) Force of Nature (Small)
   2nd Law II
3) What a Drag
   III Air Drag
3) It's the Pit
   Momentum III Collision
3) The Family Joules
   Energy Consumption
4) Block & Tackle
   3rd Law I
4) Un Uplifting Experience
4) Kinematics Fanatics
   Kinematics I
4) Catch a Wave
5) Opposite but Equal
   3rd Law II
5) Timing is Everything
5) Playing Catch-Up
   Kinematics II
5) Let's Get Small
6) Vector Director
   3rd Law III
  6) Carnegie Melons


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