Center for Science, Mathematics, & Computer Education

IRB#2002-08-388 EP

Collecting Student Information on EDU Usage (Spring 2005 PostSurvey)

The University of Nebraska has a grant from the National Science Foundation's Assessment of Student Achievement Program to study web-based assessment. We wish to determine the "best practices" for using EDU. Please complete the following exit survey regarding your usage to aid us in accomplishing this objective.

You are asked for your student ID# as your instructors wish to ensure that all students complete the survey. However, your responses will be confidential and ultimately only aggregate data from this survey will be used.

Section A: Student Information
Please indicate the class in which you are enrolled:             
     Other Class:

Please enter your Student ID Number. This should be a nine digit number.    Student ID: 

Section B: Demographics Information: Your responses to the following questions will be used to provide a description of the students enrolled in your class. No individual results will be reported. We greatly appreciate your completing these if you are comfortable doing so.
1. How many credit hours did you take this semester?  
2. If you were employed, how many hours did you typically work per week?  
3. Did you have Internet access at home this semester? Yes No
4. Had you used EDU prior to this semester? Yes No
5. This semester, did you use EDU in other courses besides this one? Yes No

Section C: Use of EDU
Please use the following scale to indicate how you typically approached or worked on EDU assignments.
Never or Almost Never
Always or Almost Always

When I missed an EDU question or did poorly on an EDU assignment, I ....

_____ reviewed my book, notes, or other course resources.

_____ attempted to figure out why I got the problem wrong.

_____ worked at the incorrect problems(s) until I understood how to get it/them correct.

_____ took another EDU assignment without reviewing my notes or text.

_____ took another EDU assignment without reworking the missed problem(s).

_____ took another EDU assignment and hoped to get easier problems.

_____ asked for help from the instructor or teaching assistant.

_____ asked another student for help.

Section D: Student Beliefs and Opinions
The following statements reflect beliefs and opinions about EDU, the course and your reactions to the computers and exams. Please rate the extent to shich you agree/disagree with each of the following statements using the following scale.
Strongly Agree
1. I enjoyed using the EDU system.

2. The EDU system helped me learn the materials in this course.

3. EDU helped my grade in the course.

4. I got discouraged by computer problems when using EDU.

5. I didn't take full advantage of all opportunities to use EDU.

6. I hated using the EDU system.

7. Using EDU has deepened my understanding of the course concepts.

8. Work I did using EDU helped me to do better on exams.

9. I experienced a lot of technical problems while using EDU.

10. I worked hard on the EDU assignments.

11. It was fun to use the EDU system.

12. I would have learned just as much studying on my own without using EDU.

13. Using EDU has not helped my performance in exams.

14. The EDU system was easy to use.

15. I tried as many times as allowed to perform well on the EDU assignments.

Using the same scale above, answer the following questions based on your experience in this course this semester.
16. I can do well in the subject taught in this course.

17. I feel less capable than others of mastering topics taught in this course.

18. I am sure that I can learn the topics covered in this class.

19. If I take additional courses in this subject, I will do well.

20. I find the subject matter in this course quite boring.

21. I enjoy learning about the topics covered in this course.

22. The topics covered in this course are interesting.

23. I feel tense whenever working on a computer.

24. I am confident in my ability to use computers.

25. I worry about making mistakes on the computer.

26. I felt very tense during tests in this course.

27. During tests for this course, I would get so nervous that I forgot facts I really knew.

28. I felt confident and relaxed while taking tests in this course.

29. Even when I was well prepared for a test in this course, I felt very anxious about it.

Section E: Submitting your Communication
Please check the above information for accuracy then click "SUBMIT" to send your information to the EDU ASA survey database.
Press "RESET" only if you wish to clear your information.