Gregory R. Snow
Associate Professor

109 Ferguson Hall
Phone: 402-472-6279
FAX: 402-472-2879

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Mailing address
116 Brace Hall
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska  68588-0111

Current Teaching, Spring Semester 2001
Physics 212 Honors
Introductory calculus-based electricity and magnetism

Current Research
DZERO Experiment at Fermilab
Co-convenor of Run I QCD Analysis Group, 1998 - present
Producing electronic components for Level-2 muon trigger for the DZERO Run II Upgrade
(18 VME Coaxial Interface Cards and 28 VME Serial Fan-out Cards)
Chair of Speakers Bureau, 1997-99

CMS Experimentat CERN's Large Hadron Collider
Responsible for the measurement of the proton-proton luminosity for CMS
Co-convenor of CMS luminosity working group
Secretary of CMS Ph.D. Thesis Award Committee

Pierre Auger Observatory
Head of Outreach, Education, Public Relations Task

Education and Outreach
Principal Investigator of CROP, the Cosmic Ray Observatory Project
CROP is a statewide outreach effort to involve Nebraska high schools in
the study of extended cosmic-ray air showers, using retired detectors from
the Chicago Air Shower Array  (CASA)

Recent Service
Member of Fermilab's Users Executive Committee , 1997-2000
Users Executive Committee chair, 1998-1999

More detail on the above activities can be found at Gregory Snow's
Research Web Site

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