Winifred Goldring

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February 1, 1888 - January 30, 1971
First Female State Paleontologist of New York
Winifred’s Early Life and Education
  • Born February 1, 1888 in Kenwood, New York.
  • One of nine children of Frederick, an orchid specialist, and Mary, a teacher, Goldring.
  • 1890 her family moved to Albany to establish a greenhouse business.
  • 1905 graduated as valedictorian from Milne School.
  • She planned on majoring in classical languages at Wellesley College, but became interested in geology.
  • 1909 she received her A.B. with honors from Wellesley.
  • 1912 she received her A.M.
  • Summer of 1913 she studied at Columbia University.
  • 1921 she took graduate classes at John Hopkins University.
University Involvement and Careers
  • 1913 she taught geology, geography, and petrology at Wellesley and taught as an assistant at Boston’s Teacher’s School of Science.
  • 1914 she accepted a position at the New York State Museum as a Scientific Expert.
  • 1915 she was promoted to Assistant Paleontologist.
  • She worked as Associate Paleontologist, Paleobotanist, Assistant State Paleontologist, and Provisional State Paleontologist.
  • 1939 she was appointed State Paleontologist and became the first woman to hold a position at this level in the world.
  • She retired in 1954.
Accomplishments and Awards
  • 1949 she became the first woman president of the Paleontological Society.
  • She also served as the vise president of the Geological Society of America.
  • Awarded honorary degrees from Russell Sage College and Smith College.
  • Winifred also wrote several publications on paleontology.
  • Some of her handbooks are used in college courses.
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